UF Health Diversity Council

The UF Health Jacksonville Diversity Council’s mission is to support and foster an environment of inclusive excellence for patients, faculty and staff in both the hospital and clinic settings. The council is led by the UF Health Jacksonville Chief Diversity Officer and conducts its work through the Officer of Diversity and Inclusion and meets its mission through goals and best practices that focus on diversity, inclusion and health equity. 

The council is comprised of members from across the campus and seeks to enhance cultural competencies by raising awareness, removing barriers, increasing competencies and developing solutions that highlight our varying tapestry of backgrounds, capabilities, cultural experiences, genders/gender orientation, races, and religious preferences of staff and patients that makes up our hospital system.

The Associate Dean for Inclusion and Equity at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville and other faculty are active members of the UF Health Diversity Council*. The Associate Dean for Inclusion and Equity and the UF Health Jacksonville Chief Diversity Officer work hand-in-hand to cultivate a culture of inclusive excellence where all identities, experiences and differences are valued and respected.

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