Executive Summary

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA)’s Mission is to cultivate a culture of Inclusive Excellence and a safe environment, where all individuals, experiences and differences are valued and respected.

Structure for Sustainability

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Advisory (IDEA) Council

The IDEA Advisory Council is chaired by the Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion and it consists of the following members:

  • Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs
  • Senior Associate Dean for Research
  • Associate Dean for Educational Affairs
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs
  • Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • UF College of Pharmacy Jacksonville, Assistant Dean and Campus Director
  • College of Nursing Dean’s Office Representative
  • UF Health Chief Diversity Officer
  • Faculty Council President
  • Faculty at Large representative
  • Department Chair representatives
  • Medical Director, Community Health,
  • Human Resources representative
  • Resident representatives from surgical, medicine and pharmacy specialties.

The council meets on a quarterly basis to oversee the development and progress of the IDEA activities on campus.

IDEA Champions Committee

  • Departments at the UFHSC-Jacksonville will solicit nomination for the IDEA Champions who will be the ambassadors from departments to the Dean’s Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity to advance inclusive excellence initiatives.
  • IDEA Champions will meet on a monthly basis.
  • IDEA Champions can include allied health care providers and senior administrative staff from the departments.
  • IDEA Champions will participate in the development and implementation of IDEA activities at the department and UFHSC levels.
  • Department chairs can support an educational conference every 1-2 year in the area of IDEA for the IDEA Champions from their department budget in support of their role.
  • In addition, representative members of the UF Health Diversity Council will also be included on this committee

UFHSC-J representation

Representation on the UF Health Diversity Council and its Employees Resource Groups. Associate Dean for Inclusion and Equity, UFCOM-Jacksonville as well as other faculty will be active members of the UF Health Diversity Council.