Educational Resources

The University of Florida Health Science Center Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) Advisory Council, and the UF Health Diversity Council have put together a list of resources, from the University of Florida Department of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, other academic institutions and nationally/regionally recognized experts on the IDEA topics. While these resources are many, it is not an exhausted resource list, you will find references to other material and are encouraged to explore topics as they interest you to expand your knowledge and awareness. We hope to be helpful in understanding the complex nature of IDEA, social justice, and racial justice, the impact on professional environments, personal environments and internal reflection.

Some of this information may be new, some a refresher, either could be. We appreciate your willingness to explore these topics as we learn to celebrate our differences to achieve an environment, where everyone has a strong sense of belonging and together we can be our best to achieve our mission.

We welcome your feedback. This document will be updated frequently, share your sources and check back for new references to explore! This is just the start!